Want a Boerboel?


The best way to get a healthy, happy, quality Boerboel puppy is to buy directly from an ABC Approved breeder.

Reputable breeders put the welfare of their dogs and the improvement of the breed above their desire for financial gain.

Reputable breeders will take back or replace a puppy who is found to have a congenital defect.

The American Boerboel Club (ABC) requires all members, including member breeders, to adhere to the guidelines which constitute our Code of Ethics.


Boerboel puppies are known for being easy to train and live with.  Due to their easy-going attitude while in pre-adolescence, many people mistakenly believe training is not necessary. As Boerboels mature, their confidence, reactivity, dominance and willingness to protect increases substantially and owners need to be sure they can read their dog and maintain control in any situation.  Structured obedience training and continual proofing of commands under a variety of
distractions is necessary for raising the well-adjusted Boerboel.  Many owners have found incorporating a NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free) protocol from the very beginning avoids dominance issues and “streamlines communication”.

As a Working and Utility breed, Boerboels positively thrive when presented with the challenges and rewards of structured training. Their name literally translates into “Farmer’s dog” and they possess a truly utilitarian nature and high biddability. Obedience, Rally-O, Weight Pull, Agility, Stock work, Protection Sports and Therapy work are all disciplines in which they are known to excel.  As with any breed, individuals possess their own temperament and assortment of drives and are more suited for some activities than others.  Boerboels are an intelligent, sensitive, athletic breed and need the mental stimulation, interaction and energy outlet provided through focused work and training.

Research is of paramount importance when purchasing a Boerboel. After fully educating oneself on the demands and expense of owning this breed, patient and thorough research of breeders will help ensure the quality health and temperamental soundness of the puppy chosen. To increase the likelihood of getting the healthiest pup available, look for the following criteria from the breeder:

– Striving to improve the breed through their choices
– Health certification on breeding dogs
– Third party temperament evaluations
– Working titles
– Strong knowledge of lineage
– Rock solid ethics
– Asks potential puppy buyers a lot of questions
– Available for advice and information in the future!