Award/Title Criteria


Prestasie is the Afrikaans word for achievements. The choice of an Afrikaans word signifies ourdesire to honor and remain true to our breed’s South African roots. The purpose of this award is to highlight the dog-handler teams who work together in an array of events and activities in which certifications are earned. We hope to provide incentive to owners and breeders alike. Our goal is to encourage them to exhibit their Boerboels in these events and build a coalition between breed exhibitors and performance competitors.
Points earned during the calendar year (September to September) will count for the “Highest Score” Award. A challenge trophy* will be presented for the Highest scoring dog at the Annual
ABC Event. The names of the top ten scoring dogs as well as their sire and dam will be announced at the banquet. They will also be published in the American Boerboel Club newsletter and on the ABC website. Points will not accumulate for dogs whose owners are not members of the American Boerboel Club. You must apply for these awards.

Prestasie Award (PA)
The Prestasie is awarded to dogs whose achievements have been recognized in at least two (2)
performance event categories (A through

J). Dogs receiving the Prestasie must have completed
at least a CD or a BH.
1. A minimum of 50 points must be earned.
2. The dog must have completed a CD or a BH.
3. At least 20 of the required points must come from a single category.
4. Points must be earned in no less than two (2) of the Categories A through J.
5. No more than 10 points may come from Category J: Miscellaneous.
Prestasie Excellent (PX)
The Prestasie Excellent is awarded to dogs that perform at the highest levels. Dogs receiving
the Prestasie Excellent must have attained at least one (1) advanced degree and earned
certification in three (3) performance event categories.
1. A minimum of 100 points must be earned.
2. A Performance Dog Award (PDA) must have been earned.
3. At least 30 of the required points must come from a single category.
4. No more than 30 points may come from Category I (Miscellaneous).
Point Schedule
Points in all categories are cumulative; i.e., the UD degree entitles the dog to a total of 60
points: (10 – CD + 20 – CDX + 30 – UD).
AKC Obedience Title – Category A
15 Points – Companion Dog (CD)
25 Points – Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)
30 Points – Utility Dog (UD)
40 Points – Utility Dog Excellent (UDX)
20 Points – Utility Dog Excellent 2, 3 etc. (UDX2, UDX3)
60 Points – Obedience Trail Champion (OTCH)
AKC Tracking Titles – Category B
10 Points – Tracking Dog (TD)
25 Points – Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX)
30 Points – Variable Surface Tracking (VST)
AKC Rally Titles – Category C
05 Points – Rally Novice (RN)
10 Points – Rally Advanced (RA)
15 Points – Rally Excellent (RE)
20 Points – Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE)
10 Points – Rally Advanced Excellent 2, 3 etc (RAE2, RAE3)
AKC Herding Titles – Category D
05 Points – Herding Instinct
10 Points – Herding Tested (HT)
15 Points – Pretrial Tested (PT)
20 Points – Herding Started (HS) (1 pt. additional for 2nd course and/or 2nd stock)
30 Points – Herding Intermediate (HI)
40 Points – Herding Excellent (HX)
60 Points – Herding Champion (Hch)
AKC Agility Titles – Category E
05 Points – NA, NAP, NF, NFP
05 Points – NAJ, NJP,
10 Points – OA, OAP, OF, OFP
10 Points – OAJ, OJP
15 Points – AXJ, AJP
20 Points – AX, AXP, XF, XFP
30 Points – MX, MXP, MXF, MFP
15 Points – MX2, MX3…
25 Points – MXJ, MJP
15 points – MJ2, MJP3…
25 Points – PAX
30 Points – Master Agility Champion 2, 3 (MACH2, MACH3)
60 Points -Master Agility Champion (MACH)
AKC Carting – Category F
05 Points – AKC CS
10 Points – AKC CI
15 Points – AKC CX
Schutzhund Titles – Category G
20 Points – Schutzhund 1 (SchH I)
20 Points – WD1
25 Points – Schutzhund II (SchH II)
25 Points – WD2
40 Points – Schutzhund III (SchH III)
40 Points – WD3
25 Points – Fahtenhund (FH)
15 Points – Begleithunds (BH)
05 Points – Ausdauerpruefung (AD)
10 Points – Wachthunde (WH)
French Ring – Category H
15 Points – Brevet
20 Points – FRI
25 Points – FRII
30 Points – FR III
Mondio Ring – Category I
15 Points – Brevet
20 Points – MRI
25 Points – MRII
30 Points – MR III
Miscellaneous – Category J
05 Points – Canine Good Citizen
05 Points – Therapy Dog International (TDI)
10 Points – ATTS
10 Points – Registered Therapy Dog (minimum 20 hrs. service)
05 Points – Registered Therapy Dog (each additional 20 hrs. service)
05 Points – Draft Dog Certification
05 Points – Flyball Certification (1 Point each additional up to FGDCh)
05 Points – HIC (Herding Instinct Certification)
30 Points – BST (Breed Suitability Test)
05 Points – Weight Pull/WD (additional 2 Points for WDX and additional 3 points for WDS)
05 Points – Coursing Titles
The Miscellaneous category also allows recognition of participation in the other activities. If a comparable AKC title has not been awarded, dogs earning non-AKC titles or certification (i.e. UKC, Canadian Titles) may have their accomplishments recognized under Miscellaneous.

Points earned in this category will be reviewed by the board on an individual basis with the submission of the certificate earned, the rules of the sanctioning organization, and an explanation of the sport or activity.

* To be eligible for award(s) owner and co-owner must be a member in good standing with the American Boerboel Club. For permanent possession, the Pam Senffner Memorial challenge trophy must be won three times by the same owner, not necessarily the same dog. These wins
need not be consecutive wins. Any person(s) who win the challenge trophy shall be responsible for engraving the trophy. Any damages to the trophy shall be repaired by the person(s) who accepted the trophy. In the event said trophy is lost or stolen, the person(s) who accepted the
trophy will be responsible to replace the trophy with all the previous winners’ names so engraved. Trophy must be returned to the trophy chairman in ample time for the next years show.

The Working Dog Award is to recognize the working dogs of our breed with National, State and/or local certifications. A certification in any of the categories A through D, as listed below, will earn 50 points and the (WDA) award. The second certification will earn 20 points; each subsequent certification will earn 10 points. You must apply for this award.

Law Enforcement Dogs – Category A
Patrol Dog
Drug Dog
Bomb Detection Dog
Arson Detection Dog
Explosives Detection Dog
Bullet Detection Dog
SAR Dogs – Category B
Wilderness Dog
Urban Dog
Cadaver Dog – Land or Water
Live Remains Dog
Assistance Dogs – Category C
Mobility Assistance Dog
Hearing Ear Dog
Visually Impaired Dog (guide dog)
Cardiac Alert Dog
Seizure Dog
Psychiatric (emotional support, companion)
Other Detections – Category D
Termite Detection Dog
Food Detection Dog (used in airports, etc.)
Insect Control Dog (used at terminals, airports, etc.)